Certified and Notarized Russian Translations of Any Types of Documents

  • Certificates of birth, certificates of marriage, certificates of divorce
  • Diplomas and Ph.D. degrees
  • University and high school transcripts (приложения к диплому)
  • Certificates of secondary education (аттестаты о среднем образовании)
  • Police certificates of criminal record check (справки об отсутствии судимости)
  • Employment records / books (трудовые книжки)
  • Powers of attorney (доверенности)
  • Residence certificates (справки о регистрации по месту жительства) and any other property-related documents
  • Marriage search certificates and statements in lieu of certificate of non-impediment for Canadian sponsors
  • Divorce in Canada: preparing your court application and working with a notary public
  • Separation agreements for spouses preparing to file for a divorce
  • Documents required by Canadian banks to process mortgage and loan applications

Business Services and Experience

  • Top-quality, accurate certified and notarized Russian translations of all types of documents: business contracts, legal agreements, business correspondence, spreadsheets, commercial invoices, shipping documents, inventory lists, insurance and patent documentation, user manuals, PowerPoint presentations, etc. in various fields and industries (exploration and mining, oil and gas, engineering, radar and satellite technology, lumber industry, export/import, construction, marketing, banking and financial services, accounting and audit, patents, biotechnology, marine biology, film industry, health services, medical certificates, adoptions, personal letters, etc.).
  • Pre-employment background check services in Russia and other countries.
  • Proof-reading of documents in English / Russian for accuracy and consistency of style, terminology and presentation.
  • Editing of business documentation and texts drafted in English / Russian by native and non-native speakers for style, content and correct terminology.
  • Linguistic analysis, preparation and revision of translations into English / Russian.
  • Among our clients are BHP Billiton, Ivanhoe Mines, Yamaha, SNC-Lavalin (the Sochi Olympics bid), John Deere-Hitachi, RBC, ICBC, the Government of BC, Canadian colleges and universities, numerous Canadian and US mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, engineering and construction companies.
  • Assistance with preparation of scientific documentation for NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the Russian Space Agency.
  • Experience with production of over 20 television series, feature films and documentaries (Arrow, K-19: The Widowmaker, The Crow, Secret Agent Man, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Last Flight of Bomber 31, etc.) for Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Oliver Queen Films, Channel 4 (UK), CBC (tape transcripts, props, voice-overs, coaching, work on set).